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Research Software Reactor

Supporting researchers, research software engineers, and technical specialists in the application of cloud computing for the research community.

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The Research Software Reactor is a community project, so what does this mean? We welcome anyone interested in scientific computing and best practices in the cloud and HPC. Whether you are a graduate student, a Research Software Engineer, an Academic or researcher or any other professional, you are welcome, and we value your participation.

All of the events organised by the Research Software Reactor are open to all public. Also, we have a Code of Conduct that should be observed by all participants. This Code of Conduct will be accordingly enforced at all events as well as online and offline interactions related to the project. You can read the Code of Conduct on this site.

Ways of getting involved

There are multiple ways to get involved in the community whether as a newcomer or a frequent attendee to our events. Some examples are:

  • Hosting an event at your institution
  • Suggesting a topic for a future event on the GitHub Repository
  • Proposing a new project, contributing to an existing project on the GitHub Organisation
  • Engaging on the RSE #cloud-computing Slack channel. You can join the Slack channel here
  • Sharing the events and content with your networks

All contributions are welcome. If there is another way on which you’d like to contribute to the project that is not listed here, please get in touch!


All of the resources developed for and during the events as well as details on future events are completely open-source and can be found on our GitHub Organisation.

More to come

We will soon be creating a distribution list for those wanting to keep up to date with the project and its activities.

In the meantime, we will also be advertising on the RSE Society mailing list.